DC By Foot

So maybe you have lived here and feel like you are the tour guide when friends and family come to visit... but next time let DC BY FOOT guide you on some of the most amazing tours in the nation's capital... FOR FREE!

I met the guys at DC by Foot a few months ago and have meant to post as they are really bringing such an added experience, interacting instead of just reporting facts and figures. They're passion for the city is contagious, knowledge unparalleled, and attitudes amazing! Their "More than Monuments" tour is free, every day at 2 and 6pm at the Washington Monument! They also host the BenefacTOURS every Sunday at 6pm, with all tips generated being donated to a local Washington DC charity! Good work guys!

For more info, check out their website, email them at, or call 202.370.1830 . Group tours available!

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