Screen on the Green

Since moving to D.C., I have always longed to attend Screen on the Green. Dorky, maybe, but it has been on my to-do list for the past three summers, and finally I can check it off! Monday night I saw "The Apartment" at HBO's Screen on the Green down at the National Mall. Hundreds of people gathered on the lawn, sprawled out on blankets with picnics, playing cards and laughing as the sun set in anticipation of a romantic movie night. While the atmosphere was second to none, I have to admit that I am still a bit perplexed by the movie pickers' choice in films to show at a very public venue with little kids galore. Having no idea what "The Apartment" was about, I was taken aback slightly as the story unfolded about how a business man was essentially allowing his apartment to be used by upper management as a brothel, thus allowing him to get ahead in the work place. While this was a black and white film from the 1960s and nothing was explicit, I was still red with embarassment! Thank goodness it was dark!

After a little research, I found more info on the "Screen on the Green HBO Dance" which just stunned me as hundreds if not thousands of people knew what to do as I sat there bewildered... Don't get me wrong, I love people watching, and this city gives you one of the best backgrounds for all kinds of antics...

Be sure to check out the last Screen on the Green for this summer next Monday... Superman!!

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