Concert at the Naval Memorial- Top Five Coolest Things I have ever done in D.C.!

Last night I was delighted to have the honor to attend the weekly Tuesday night concert series with Lt. Andrew Baldwin at the Naval Memorial on Pennsylvania Ave. I tagged along having no idea what a show I was going to have the privilege of observing- it was truly phenomenal!!
I cannot put a finger on what exactly was my favorite part, the Mo-town band who shook so much Shakira would be jealous; the drill team with their amazing discipline and coordination; or the rendition of Hair Spray that had me out of my seat, dancing (forgetting that I could be embarrassing the Doc.). I honestly opine I have never been so awestruck by such tremendous talent as that which I was privileged to witness last night.

The memorial itself is one of my favorites- the statue of the Lone Soldier watching over the world just resonates a sense of safety and peace of mind. Words don't do justice in describing how proud I was to be a citizen of the United States, as when the Old Glory song rang beyond the roof tops down Pennsylvania Ave.
I highly recommend checking out the memorial as well as the exhibits, which features, "Navy Medicine: Saving Lives on Land and Sea", the reason Lt. Baldwin was asked to give the opening remarks. There is also an incredible LED TV that is just gigantic- perfect to rent out for any upcoming event! I know I was half tempted to crawl into one of the comfy seats and watch Pearl Harbor! I'll be back... Hope you can join!
Special thanks to Miss Liza Zusman for the photos!!

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From changing the layout to sharing pictures from the events that you attend, I really like the evolution of your blog. Keep up the good work