Smart Blondes Drink Smart Water

In this sweaty summer heat, one of the most important things is to stay hydrated (trust me, this is a biggie for me since I get dozens of kidney stones every year! If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I must be looking like the incredible Hulk these days ha ha!)

My choice for the H2O? smartwater by Glaceau. While I used to be a Fiji girl, I just cannot tell you how great a quick sip of smart water rejuvenates me in the hot summer heat. Whether I am replenishing after my 5:30am workouts or trying to recuperate from a full night of soirees, SmartWater just does it for me. The difference? smartwater is enhanced with electrolytes. Doing some research on their website, I found that "smartwater is inspired by the way mother nature makes water, known as the hydrologic cycle (you remember the ocean, cloud, raindrop diorama from fifth grade right? Actually, it's how we got our name too (hydro=water/logic=smart)."

Oh and I have named the little goldfish dude in every refreshing bottle. His new name is Quench. My new slogan for them? Smart Blondes drink smartwater... Glaceau, call me. ;-)


MaureenC said...

I am confused on why you'd switch from Fiji Water to Smart Water-you mentioned electrolytes but Fiji has more electrolytes than Smart Water and theirs are naturally ocurring. Smart Water starts as tap water and they take stuff out and add stuff back in. Wouldn't it be better to drink Fiji Water from a natural source? Fiji has good info on their website as well.

ellie said...

Nice! Keep using the plastic bottles!

Emilie said...

Why is there a duck in my smartwater? (in place of the goldfish?)