Darlington House- New Hot Spot with 10 Cane Mojito Sampling

I love the Darlington House in Dupont. I think I have been so hesitant to divulge my accolades for their amazing food, drinks, and service only because I have never been too good at sharing...

But it is true, the Darlington House does dining better than just about any other place I have been to in the Washington area. I was introduced to the Darlington House by my good friend and Grooming Lounge owner Pirooz, and it has turned into our weekly meeting spot- delving into amazing dishes and of course bottles of wine!

Tomorrow from 7-9pm, the Darlington House will be offering complimentary samples of mojitos made with 10 Cane Rum- an exquisite premium Rum from the makers of Dom Perignon and Louis Vuitton. Need I say more?

1610 20th St NW
Washington, DC

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