Hire Your Own Paparazzi... Ick

Thank goodness they don't offer this service in DC as I can think of a few desperate men and women in DC who have celebrated their 35th birthday for the 4th annual time hiring this service for the day. Ugh!

Are you a star in your own mind? Think you should be getting your pics in magazines like US and Star? Well now you can. Celeb 4 A Day promises paparazzi will be around next time you stop for gas or shop for groceries.
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Celeb 4 A Day and they will hire photographers to secretly follow you or your friends around, snapping shots on your casual strolls around town.
A-List Package for $499.99 and the SuperStar package for $749.99 which both include four personal paparazzi at the “star’s” arrival, paparazzi shouting your name and mobbing you in public places and a high gloss print of the star on the cover of fake magazine, Mystar. The Megastar Package for $2499.99 includes a personal publicist and body guard.
The services are offered in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin.

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WHAK'd said...

Make your own spoof magazine covers on (upload photo or use webcam), no need to hire anyone for this...