Virgin America: Obsession of the Day

I know I become obsessed with things too easily, but I really must say that Virgin America provides luxury coach service like none other. Since I first stepped onto the flight with the pink and purple mood lighting on Thursday, I have been a Virgin America evangelist. Here's why:

1. I usually pay about $1000 when I book the week before for my flights from D.C. to San Fran (direct). Using to book, I paid $236- huge savings!

2. Cup Holders. You know how difficult it is sometimes to read a book and have a foot up in some yoga like position trying to get comfy in the seat that was made only for anorexic-Lohan-types? Well Virgin America saves the day with a cup holder, no need to put the whole tray down. Beverage Brilliance!

3. Personal Touch Screens: Watch live TV via Satellite, play touch screen games, listen to music, order food, chat with others on the flight (I was the only nerd in the chat room on both flights... dork), and more. Its amazing!

I have flown Virgin all over the world- in Africa and Europe- but never departing and landing in the States. The experience is unparalleled. I'm only flying Virgin America from now on when I can... I can't wait for Virgin America to expand to more cities!

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