Rant: I love Subway's Five Dollar Footlongs... Quiznos, not so much

Last weekend when I was home for my mom's 50th birthday, our friend Clare told my dad he needed to start giving me more money for food (Thanks, Clare!) when I told her how I get a $5 footlong from Subway at least three times a week. I'm a big eater, and if I can get a great sub that'll take care of me for lunch and that mid-afternoon snack for a fiver- awesome! Hearing that Quizno's was matching the promotion, Brad and Andrew dragged me to check it out. Let's claim false advertising- none of the subs from Quizno's were actually $5- only the most very basics. Very disappointing! (Though Quizno's does have fountain Diet Mountain Dew so they do receive 1 bonus point in my book...)

Moral of the story? Choose Subway, Eat Fresh!


Anonymous said...

False advertising?? Surely, you have the ability to listen or read because their ads clearly state which subs are in the promotion. Furthermore, did you seriously think you could buy any of their far superior, much higher quality large subs such as a prime rib and peppercorn for only $5??? You are obviously a cheap and ignorant bitch. Negative 100 points for your stupid post but hope your mommy had a nice 50th bday!

AwesomeFace said...

Whoa mr. anonymous...I always found people who get so angry on the internet over stupid things and other people's opinions absolutely hilarious. You made my life feel a whole lot more awesome. Get the sand out of your vagina, and relax! :D

joker said...

I love the $5 footlongs too. I like the oven roasted chicken breast and the meatball marinara. With the current promotion of $5 for any regular footlong, I've been eating the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on italian herbs and cheese bread. Yummy!