Verve: The healthy energy drink

I'll never forget calling Keri's mom while we were at the Super Bowl because we thought we were dying, our hearts pounding a zillion miles a minute from the over consumption of RBVs and Chambulls. I've quit Redbull since.

Alecko, formerly of DC United and now with Chivas USA, told me about Verve and I will admit I was somewhat skeptical. There are a ton of energy drinks out on the market these days, hence it being a $5 billion business! But if Esky says its good, it must be.

Jet lagged, I tried the Sugar Free Verve! by Vemma and have to say, it is far better than I expected. It actually tastes GREAT- no chalky after taste, just pleasantly delicious! We are talking, really, really, really ridiculously tasty! The "insanely healthy energy drink" comes in adorable 8 oz cans packed with vitamins and minerals- many I haven't even heard of before! I didn't feel shaky at all afterwards, just kind of pumped and ready to go!

Try it out, you'll be hooked!

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