Enlighted while dining at the Embassy of Morocco

Tuesday night I was quite honored to attend an intimate dinner through YPFP at the Embassy of Morocco hosted by the divine leader, Ambassador Aziz Mekouar. The enlightening evening filled with phenomenal cuisine and delightful discussion, hit a turning point as the Ambassador indulged me with facts that made understand why Americans are perceived to be so deft.

Perhaps one could blame the media, but I always considered the Middle East to be one of the most violent places in the world. I was fascinated to learn that Pakistan actually has the least amount of homicides per year per 100,000 residents. Obviously there can be false reporting, but I opine that I would not be alone in my assumptions that were so readily cut down by the information below or found here:
Note that Pakistan has the lowest murder rate listed. Raises an eye brow or two...

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C. dog e. doG said...

Did the Pakistan murder rate include females? Or is that under the chattel restructuring rate?

I wonder if females are allowed to blog in Pakistan ... or just flogged?