Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund 3-on-3 Charity Basketball Tournament

The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the academic and career horizons of Washington, D.C. public high school students. HDSF works to raise academic college scholarships for local inner city students and to connect them to the regional business community and greater opportunities through a college prep mentoring program, SAT test preparation, and an internship program. Since 1996, Hoop Dreams has brought together more than 1000 students and mentors; facilitated hundreds of internships; engaged more than 1,000 volunteers in community work; helped more than 850 students reach college with scholarships totaling $3 million; and is now energized by alumni returning as volunteers.
Event Overview
The Tournament is an exciting outdoor community sports festival and charity basketball competition. The event brings together DC public high school students and business professionals from across the region, and other youth and adults of Washington DC Metropolitan Area. The Tournament offers "open" competition, and does not seek to match teams by age, height, or any other criteria. All skill levels are welcome. EntertainmentMore than just hoops and exciting competition await you at the Hoop Dreams Tournament. Local celebrities including NBA and WNBA stars are scheduled to visit. Music, live entertainment, and food and beverages will be provided throughout the day. The Annual Celebrity Game, featuring local and national sports, media and political personalities will follow the Sponsor Recognition Ceremony at Noon.
Free food will be available to the players, the volunteers, and the general public.
Entry Fee
The registration fee is $80 per team. All teams must have 3 players minimum and 5 maximum.

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