U.S Air Guitar Championships This Wednesday at 9:30 Club

Air Guitar is that thing you do when nobody else is watching (or when you're too hammered to realize that there are people watching). This is like that except you're the one who's watching. Don't know much about Air Guitar competitions except from what I've seen on You Tube. I assume that this will be silly fun regardless of the talent on stage.What'll be next? Rock Band?From the official press release:US Air Guitar is proud to enter our 6th anniversary with more cities, more air guitarists, more fans and more airness than any year in our history.Presented by TouchTunes, the 2008 tour will bring regional competition to 21 cities nationwide.Visit to reserve your entry slot, to get tix to see it live or to find out more. Regional city champs go to SF to compete in the US Finals in August. The US champion wins a free trip to Finland to represent Team USA in the Air Guitar World Championships! $15 on Wednesday, June 4th at 8pm at the 9:30 Club

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