Apparently I am a Scuppie...

People have said that those who move to DC are constantly trying to re-invent themselves. I plead guilty. My newest hat is Green Chic, or as the reported today, a Scuppie. My fellow scuppies wear Louis Vuitton handbags, because the dye is made from Vegetables and not harmful chemicals. They drive around in the Hybrid Lexus SUVs that get the same gas mileage as many other standard vehicles, but boasts the word Hybrid. The shop at Whole Paycheck, oops, I mean Whole Foods, buying organic wines for their lavish dinner party later that evening. Eco-Chic aka Scuppie.

Defined by

SCUP·PIE /skÓ™p·e/ n. (Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person) 1. A person who desires all the best life can offer and strives for those goals in a socially conscious manner. 2. One who is dedicated to the pursuit of peace, happiness and cash (not necessarily in that order). 3. Someone ‘green’ -- i.e. one who understands the love of money does not preclude the love of nature...and vice-versa.

And to think I've loved turbos all my life... I wonder if there is an eco-friendly hair gel to solve this dilemma... ;-)