Flipping out over the Pedi Flop!

There are always dozens of cool products coming to market, but rarely are they filling a much needed void. When someone has the ingenuity to develop a solution for one of (wo)man's greatest problems- ahem, keeping their toes looking glam after a pedi without sitting around for hours waiting for them to dry- I must give praise!

I first learned about the Pedi Flop through Kadrieka Maiden of SINPR and I know she will be my saving grace this summer!

These adorable (and comfortable!) flip flops make it ever so easy to get your pedi and then head down M street and finish off the rest of your errands in style, without smudging your Fabulously Fuchsia polish!
I won't lie, I have worn them even on days when I'm not getting a pedi, they're just that comfy! Only $15 and available in pink, black, and blue. To order contact Kadrieka at kmaiden@yahoo.com. They will also be showcased at Beauty Night Out next Wednesday, April 23rd!

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