Paying for Parking at Hospitals

Venting: I have never understood why hospital parking lots charge for parking- especially so much & by the hour. I would be far less opposed to paid parking if the money was going back into the hospital to improve facilities, programming, and research- but the parking lot at the National Children's Health Center is run by Colonial Parking. Essentially, these companies are profiting from other people's enduring pain. I have worked with dozens of families that have had to go above & beyond to cover medical expenses- selling their homes, getting second jobs, etc. Even with insurance, going through a cycle of chemo is very expensive, why add the additional burden of an extra $10 every visit? It adds up.

Now this is a completely uneducated musing based on my own experiences as a volunteer, a patient, and visitor, but would love some clarification as to why people who are faced with such serious dispositions have to pay to park. Maybe we should start raising money to pay for the parking of those patients that cannot afford it? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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