Pole Dancing, Pasties, and Power: Sexual Freedom as a Performer

A really unique event will be held at the National Air Traffic Controllers Building, Suite 600 tomorrow evening from 6-7pm. So I may be the least sexy person ever. A klutz with two left feet, any attempt at burlesque would surely end up on America's Funniest home videos. Still, I think there is merit in the discussion of these types of performances as presented by Rachelle Dixon and Marie Hamby tomorrow.

Join them for a discussion of the distinct histories of each form of performance and let's talk about why these forms of entertainment are linked to objectifying and exploiting women, human trafficking and forced prostitution. Talk about what happens when this type of rhetoric is invoked in attempt to restrict our right to sexual expression. Let's talk about how we can turn this sex negativity into sex positive discussions by changing the dialogue and bringing our legislative policies in line with the reality of our lives!

Sponsored by the Woodhull Freedom Foundation

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