Mason's Super Stars!

I want to give a special thanks to Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals who came out and supported Mason's Super Stars at the National Children's Medical Center, along with Redskins players Rock Cartwright, Shaun Shuisham (and his gorgeous wife Erin), and Kedric Golston.

The guys were incredible, all coming out and playing with the kids, signing autographs, etc. out of the goodness of their heart, not because the team asked them to. They did me a big favor, and in turn touched the lives of the hundreds of kids, family members, and nurses who look up to them for their strength and dedication. It can be pretty scary even for a big football player to see the tiniest little guys fighting for their life. I think all the athletes would agree with me that while the commotion may have been around their visit, the real Super Stars were the kids undergoing chemo who possess a courage and strength unknown to them.

Mason's Super Stars is a monthly event we hold at the National Children's Medical Center in memory of Mason Leach who passed away last October. A super star on and off the field, Mason loved it when athletes, like D.C. United player Bobby Boswell, would come visit him during his treatments. In his memory, the Leach family started a fund to provide Target giftcards to the Super Star patients of the month, empowering them during a time where the patients may feel pretty helpless. Also special thanks to Edy's Ice Cream for the ice cream the players got to pass out on the floor to the children undergoing chemo, and to Eric Shuster of Comcast SportsNet for arranging Comcast to come and film! Hope you saw it last night!!

Please support the fund in any way you can:

Mason Leach’s Super Star Fund
c/o Children’s National Medical Center
attn: Volunteer and Consumer Support Services
111 Michigan Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20010.

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