Qi Spa

I was blessed with the absolute must luxurious afternoon last Thursday at the Qi Spa in Georgetown. I endulged in a facial and massage and let me tell you, I floated out of there without a worry in the world. Tucked on the second floor, Qi spa provides a relaxing oasis right in the heart of the hustle and bustle. The Signature Hot Stone Massage was by the highlight of my week.

Qi Spa Signature Hot Stone Massage
"As described in ancient Tibetan medical
texts, heated river stones are used alone with jojoba oil massage the body,
exerting warmth and pressure on energy points. Its Yang power assists a smoother flow of Qi to rid toxins from the body. This harmonious treatment delivers profound healing power for your mental and physical well being."

I was also excited to see that they carry Alchemie-Forever brand products which I swear by! Kudos to Kadrieka who sent out the most stunning invitation I have ever received (it is actually still on my mantle as I write this, ha ha) and the dazzling swag bags complete with a Rose scented Spalasium candle, Bubalina body butter and shower gel!

Qi Spa is located at 3106 M Street, NW. (202) 333-6344 to make an appointment or go online!

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