Re-cap of a not-so-typical DC night ;-)

Last night was incredible. Rushing from a meeting in Dupont to the Reiss store in Georgetown for the Smithsonian Young Benefactor's Fashion Show, I was, as my love James Cornwall said, "A hot mess". Sweaty from walking 17 blocks (I'm really big on walking) in the gorgeous sun in a suit, I'd describe it more so as, "Not so cute". With the magic possessed only by the PR and Partners team, I soon went from blah to glam, rocking a faux-hawk and fierce make-up as I strutted my stuff down the red carpet. (Note to self: Thank goodness I just joined SCLA bc I need to drop about 15 pounds to fit into those clothes) Mama gave me child bearing hips, and heck, I swayed til even the Richter Scale couldn't take the heat. Grabbing the fabulous swag bag, I pulled an Irish Exit and hopped in a cab over to Kalorama. Did a mini-undo so I wouldn't be too severe for the next event, but it was awesome having the hair and make-up already done!

One of the greatest events I have been blessed to attend in D.C., last night was a small and private celebration for Special Olympics with the guest of honor being birthday boy Quincy Jones. (Happy 75th Q!) Quincy has inspired me since I was a kid through his work with NetAid. His philanthropic efforts have reached every corner of the world, touching the lives of those that need it most. His influence in making the world a better place could be seen on the faces of everyone, from the Special Olympic Medalists to Congressman Patrick Kennedy and the entire Shriver Family who took turns acting as Emcees. Hearing the words of Condi and Stevie Wonder celebrate Quincy's efforts made such a huge impact, showing that one person really can make a difference. It was a whos-who of Washington all congregating on the back patio, it wasn't a networking event for business, it was a celebration of a brighter future. Words don't do justice in expressing the honor it was to be in the same room as these people who have actually walked the walk, and changed the world. I have been involved with the Special Olympics since college and of all the athletes I know, those are the ones I really believe are heroes.

Unfortunately I missed out on Beauty Night Out, but I am sure it was a huge success! Can't wait to hear how everyone loved the gift bags, as I was stuffing them I was so jealous I wouldn't be able to pick one up- they looked phenomenal! All my best wishes, girls! Congratulations!

Off to another crazy day!

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jamecorn212 said...

You ROCK my love! I enjoy making you beautiful! Anytime, All the time!

Miss and kiss