Alchimie Forever Products

Your best accessory is the skin your in. Whether you take that as being confident in your skin, or more literally and surface level, I truly believe it. I came across a really fabulous product line, Alchimie Forever, and am now officially hooked. The 532nm Antioxidant relief for feet was exactly what I needed after Saturday's football game. For my more girlish side, I can honestly say I have never glowed quite so much as after using the Kantic mask. The blue mask is made of blueberries, wild pansies, oats, grapes, and vitamin E and did just the trick to get rid of the red splotchy drinking-face I acquired from my St. Paddy's Day extracurriculars. I truly felt radiant after using the mask. I have very sensitive skin (being allergic to Aspirin (salicylic acid) means your choices in the beauty department are EXTREMELY limited!) but I found that all of the products I used were gentle enough yet at the same time actually worked- a rare occurrence. They have products for both men and women to feel their best, I am actually bringing the Nd:YAG after-shave gel home for my brother for Easter this weekend! After using these products I am most certain that the fountain of youth must be somewhere in Switzerland, as these Swiss products made me feel soft like a baby!
Places to purchase in DC:
Hela Space, Mint Fitness, Qi Spa, SomaFit, the Grooming lounge, and more!

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