Re-Cap: Under the Same Moon

I am not a very emotional person. (Well, until the three glasses of wine gets to my head and I turn into Niagara Falls.) Last night the premiere of "Under the Same Moon" produced by DC's own John Cecchi, pulled on my heartstrings. I went into the movie with expectations of a short, interesting movie but was shocked at how compelling the story of the immigrants seeking a better life on our side of the border was. Growing up in California, it is all too common to see the migrant workers on the side of the road waiting to be picked up for hard labor. The movie provides a critical perspective on a topic of social justice that usually only has political definitions. To see the opportunity cost of crossing the border in hopes for a better future really brings back a feeling of empowerment for living in a free country where we learn as children, "The sky is the limit!" Really, really well done. I highly recommend.

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