Stan Kasten in the hot seat @ Nathan's Q & A

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19th, Stan Kasten of the Washington Nationals will be sitting in the hot seat at the Nathan's Q and A. The president of the DC's MLB team, Stan will discuss the upcoming season which kicks off in a week and half in the brand new stadium located on the SE waterfront. Carol Joynt will grill him on his participation in the franchise as well as the looming parking situation which DC fans are already dreading. Stan is one of the most convivial personalities in DC, entertaining and enlightening- can talking about anything with a passionate fervor, from politics to sports to that new restaurant that just opened up down town. If you haven't been to a Q and A, I'd highly suggest tomorrows...

12:30pm Price: $35 Contact: Jon Moss (202) 338-2000

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