ZipCar- Go Green and Do More

When I first moved to D.C., I didn't ship my car out from California, instead I got a ZipCar. Fascinated by their business model, I strongly support what they are doing- saving the earth while saving their drivers a lot of money!If you can go green while saving green, why not? ZipCar includes your insurance, gas, and parking and many of their models are hybrids! All you have to do is sign up online and head over to one of their hundreds of spots in the district and pick up your car. It is really easy... even for a dumb blonde like me!

ZipCar is rewarding humanitarians in the Boston area by showing National Geographic's Arctic Tale in a drive-in setting in Harvard Square's Brattle Theatre tonight. Car owners are then asked to leave their car at the theater as a donation to Habitat for Humanities, in exchange for a free one-year ZipCar membership and $500 in their CarforHomes project.

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I completely agree about Zipcar! See my recent review of my first Zipcar use...