Attention Brides to Be

With the millions of bridal boutiques online and all over the world, the last place you would probably think of finding a dress is at the Goodwill of Greater Washington- even if you think you'd try and write it off as "vintage". With all the invites, catering, etc adding up, you may want to check out their Wedding Gown Extravaganza this weekend as they will be selling hundreds of designer and vintage gowns- plus many that have never been worn before as an unnamed leading bridal store recently donated an entire warehouse full! The most expensive gown will be going for $400, but there are tons of great deals under $125!! That cannot be beat! Green weddings are very "in" these days...!


What: Wedding Gown Extravaganza

Where: Wheaton Plaza in Wheaton, MD

When: March 30th from 12-4pm

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