Hey Mom- Look! Bouncy Houses for Boozin

So every December 23rd, the annual Kennedy Christmas Extravaganza is held, complete with just about everyone in Silicon Valley- all of the area's execs my dad works with, my moms book club, and the friends of my brother and I who are all trying to get a job and talk to my dad's friends. There are chocolate fountains, champagne bars, live Sinatra bands, Caricture artists, and a piano man. There is also a bouncy house.

Now my mom claims it is for the kids, to tire them out so they'll go watch Christmas movies while all of the adults continue the party, but I think it's really for her book club- who after a few Pointsetta Champagne Cocktails, all end up there- Every. Single. Year.

A UK company, Amber Iris has now put the two together in their Inflatable Pubs! The UK company offers "The Firkin, Kilderkin, Barrel and Hogshead, all named after their beer containers. They cost about $10-30k each (to buy, not rent!)

Anyone care to play?

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