I'm going to the circus!!!

Few people know this, but I actually lived in D.C. as a child while my dad was a Congressional Fellow when I was a wee little one. So little, that Ringling Bros' Barnum and Bailey Circus actually told me I could never come back... But tonight- I will make my reappearance! I love the circus... I know it is criticized for cruelty to the animals and consumes far too much of the earth's natural resources for each production, but the circus is just one of those spectacular events that can make anyone feel like a kid. It's magic. Last time I went to a B & B circus was actually here in DC, just about 21 years ago to date. I was a little runt of a child, two months pre-mature, I wore a 4T until I was 8! Apparently I was so small, that at the Circus 21 years ago, I slipped through the bleachers and was stuck underneath- forcing the entire circus to postpone for two hours (throwing off the entire day's schedule) and making everyone in our section evacuate the area so they could come "rescue" me. Curiosity almost killed the KK, or maybe they should have just fed me to the lions! Either way, I know my polish dopah has grown in immensity so falling through the cracks shouldn't be a problem tonight ;-)

The Circus officially opens tomorrow and runs until 30th at the Verizon Center. Tickets are $14-$95 and all children over 2 years of age need a ticket (I guess so they don't fall through the bleachers?!)

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