Out Ease Struts Strips are Eco-Friendly!

I am vertically challenged. Although I still have hopes to be five foot 10 one day since my bones haven't yet fused (byproduct of the MENs), Jimmy Choo and his 5-inch stilettos have answered my prayers so I don't hold my breath.

All too often I've been the girl stepping on the hem of my pants as I "click-click-click" down M Street in my backless heels. Daryn has launched the Out Ease Struts Strips which are environmentally friendly (made of PLA Film which is 100% corn product by Earthfirst) and prevent pant hems from getting caught between your well-pedicured foot and those fabulous new backless Marc Jacobs. You'll be able to find the patent-pending gift from above at the nicer department stores and boutiques this fall for about $12! Sign me up!

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