Sebastian aka Baxter aka Little Devil

Last year while driving home from the patent office in Delaware, I got stuck in awful traffic on 95, so bad that I decided to pull over and look for somewhere to get a diet coke. I found a shopping center with nothing but a PetSmart. I went in for a soda, came out with the most adorable robo hamster Sebastian a.k.a Baxter a.k.a Lucifer a.k.a. taz. Baxter never took a particular liking to me, no matter that I spoiled him beyond belief even when he kept me up all night running around in his wheel. Although a great driving companion, he wasn't the most cuddly and just about every time i tried to get him to snuggle, he would get lost in my labyrinth of a closet and only the Hamster Whisperer could rescue the little guy. He is now with my cousins since I couldn't bring him to London- and fat and happy (weighing in at maybe two ounces, the thing is only two inches long- if that!) Anyways, the moral of this long story is his relatives have been banned from Vietnam and any pet owner can be charged as much as two times the yearly wage for having one! Crazy!

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