Re-Cap: Sneak Preview of the Newseum

Last night I attended a sneak preview of the Newseum for TV media and Bloggers with Steve Chenevey and Nikki Burdine and we enjoyed the most incredible tour of the enormous addition to Pennsylvania Ave. Quite an educational evening, I think we all agreed the coolest part was the Hydraulic Elevators- the only hydraulic elevators in the United States! They have a capacity of 65 people and are completely made of glass, which makes for a phenomenal 360 degree view of all of the monuments and buildings- not to mention they put a bar in the back for Martinis during special events! The Newseum also boasts the largest High Def flat screen, over 40 feet! I would NOT want to see my face up there! The exhibits are really fascinating (okay so I did my thesis on, "How Advancing Communication Technologies Act as a Catalyst towards Political, Social, and Corporate Reformation" so this was right up my alley...geek!) If only this had been open while I was doing research, I could have had a lot more fun! This is going to be the first stop for me when guests come in to town, as the exhibits change daily- you can see the front pages of over 600 different newspapers in circulation! I really suggest checking it out when it opens up to the public on April 11th... I'll be back!

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