What a bright idea!

You know how whenever a cartoon character gets a "bright" idea a little light bulb clicks on above their heads? Well know that light bulb can go green!

I have gotten dozens (maybe close to 100) emails asking me for tips on how to go green at home. One of the easiest ways is by changing all of your lightbulbs to CFL light bulbs. Energy Star qualified light bulbs use about 75% less energy than standard incadescent bulbs and last up to 10x longer. Although the bulbs cost more initially, about twice as much as traditional bulbs, each bulb will save you about $30 or more in electricity costs! I have 12 lights in my condo- thats $360! Maybe I can go purchase that Edun dress afterall...

One of the benefits of CFL light bulbs is they produce 75% less heat than traditional bulbs- they are far safer when you have that obnoxious crowd over for latenight and can reduce the costs of home cooling bills. Remember that you need a lower wattage than a typical bulb and kelvin temperature determines the color of the light emitted. Target is having a sale on bulbs now, you can get 2 for $2.98. Costco also has a pack of 13 for $10. Even my local CVS has the bulbs in the aisle, but they are a bit pricier- about $2 each.

When looking into purchasing bulbs, follow the steps provided by Christie Matheson in Green Chic (pages 8-13):

CFL Suggestions

Room: Your Bathroom
Wattage: Choose a 23 bulb
Kelvin Temperature: 3000
Why: If you want to look gorgeous, you gotta be able to see everything in there!

Room: Kitchen
Wattage: 19
Kelvin Temperature: 2700
Why: You want to see clearly-but not be caught in the glare if people are gathered around you!

Room: Living Room
Wattage: 13
Kelvin Temperature: 2700
Why: This is bright enough for reading and keeping you awake till Entourage comes on, but still lovely and inviting.

Room: Bedroom
Wattage: 11 to 13
Kelvin Temperature: 1500-2700
Why: Go for the lower wattage and temp if you want to evoke candlelight in your boudoir- if you're a light-on kind of gal, try something a little brighter.

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