Leanimal- Eco-Friendly Couture

I love dresses. In a recent interview on Project Beltway, it was pretty humorous to see the caption below a picture on a cold December day, "Katherine Kennedy in a rare pant-wearing moment."

Call me old fashioned, but there are few things more spectacular then twirling around in a fabulous array of cloth, floating down the street like a princess. Even if its the trailer park princess my parents so kindly dub me.

Anyways, the designs by Leanimal are fit for a real princess- Eco and Fashionably friendly, the designers Spring 2008 collection is just to die for(and an awesome job on photography). Each piece seems mesmerizing with its unique folds, pleats, and cuts. I'll take one of each, size two, preferably black, white, yellow or that dynamic blue. Thanks!

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