Re-Mission: Cancer is not a game

I find myself stabbed with a double edged sword with this one. Re-mission is a game for cancer patients in their teens and twenties that provides them with an entertaining platform to get the facts on their health crisis. While I think the ingenuity that went in to addressing the target audience is brilliant from a marketing perspective, I just don't think cancer is a game. Re-mission does provide a wonderful opportunity for teens battling cancer to go online anonymously and talk in the forums about what they are going through- it helps them understand they are not alone in their suffering and maybe meet other teens who are in remission and have hope for a healthy future. Hope Lab hopes to help: "players to increase their personal knowledge about cancer and improve their confidence in their ability to manage their cancer." I think it is a great idea I just don't know- what do you guys think? Is it trivializing a serious issue?

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