Bittersweet Experience

A couple weeks ago I put some elbow grease into helping Goodwill organize their warehouse of donations, cataloging shipments, sorting items, and packing up boxes. I was overwhelmed with emotion (and tiredness from hauling endless boxes of books) because the volunteers were so committed to the cause. I think Goodwill Industries International is a phenomenal organization that really works towards a sustainable community- through their discounted stores as well as the donations of other items to third world countries. I learned first hand about the poverty within our own borders, and their work to support that which often seems "out of sight, out of mind". The dedication these volunteers had to commit so much time and effort in helping perfect strangers was honestly contagious. The two ten hour days I spent with them truly seemed to fly by. It was almost a perfect experience.


The Goodwill did not recycle. So many people donate items that maybe we cannot use- like half-colored coloring books, or paper bags to store the items. We are talking dozens upon dozens of trash bags filled with many recyclable items. All of these materials could be recycled and made into something new- like some of the products I have listed on the blog. I have sent correspondence to the overseers in the office and hope that my message comes out. I know they are doing a lot of good for many, many people, but it takes just about the same amount of time to throw paper into a recycling bin as it does a trash can. The quantity GW possesses could really make a difference in sustaining our world.

Okay, done venting... ;-)

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