China's fleet left its Heart in San Francisco?

A friend of mine was telling me about this book, "1421 The Year China Discovered America", Tuesday night at Blue Duck Tavern while watching the results. Immediately intrigued, Wednesday morning I rushed over to Barnes and Nobles to scoop a copy and see what the hype was about.

In the 650 page book, Gavin Menzies rewrites the modern understanding of history, explaining how a Chinese fleet actually discovered America long before Columbus set sail. I won't give too much away but I do suggest picking up a copy this weekend and discovering the incredible journey that seems like a fictitious movie plot, but is backed up with fascinating historical evidence ranging from maps perfectly delineated proving that the Chinese fleet had circumnavigated the globe a century earlier than Magellan to numerous other factoids I will let you discover yourself!

Oh, and yes, I did order a copy of the PBS special. Nerd.

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geoffwade said...

kk, To see what a complete hoax 1421 is, see: