Re-Cap: Innocents at Risk Benefit @ Embassy of Mexico

Breaking any rules of decorum, I am the girl who always likes to show up first- or in the case of yesterday, early. (Not to mention left last, what can I say, it was a great event!)
So I thought the event started at 6 (actually 6:30) yet my 6:05 pm arrival was greeted with raised eyebrows until I befriended the Mariachi Band and the server with tequila. Deborah Sigmund invited me to the emotionally taxing event hosted at the Embassy of Mexico's Cultural Center (Tiffany and I both agreed that the Organ Room would be the most idyllic of places to be wed). Although we were about 20 years junior to the other supporters (ranging from Ambassadors, Military personalities, Ricky Martin's staff), the cause had inspired all sorts of individuals to gather together to stop the trafficking of young souls across our borders.

Six years of Jesuit education combined with "Catholic Guilt" stemming from wearing the St. Someone's plaid from preschool through Graduate school, I had to jump at any opportunity to get involved. I remember first learning about child trafficking in a social justice class freshmen year of high school taught by Mr. Daniels. He spoke with conviction as he reminded us that we were lucky to be sitting in that classroom, that millions of children our age were being sold... by the hour.

Anyone who knows my political beliefs understands that I believe emphatically in the power of diplomacy to change the world, as opposed to bureaucratic political processes within the set system. The group of dedicated patrons for Innocents at Risk inspired me to want to get involved further. The 7 minute video was only the icing on the cake, I had no idea that the Canadian government has opened up their borders for health care and citizenship to any victim of trafficking, providing them with a fresh start towards a better life. Seeing our borders work together instills hope that this form of cruelty may be punished. It is happening here. In D.C. In our backyards. I truly believe the power of knowledge opens the door for opportunity. Watch me leap through that door today to save even just one life. Join me.

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