Desperate and Dateless?

Being that I will probably spend my Valentine's day with my two favorite guys- Ben and Jerry- I'm really in no place to judge. Interesting though are the numerous new dating sites online- move over!

Do you look your best all sweaty, dominating the basketball court? Check out to find some hot jocks who just want to have fun.

This next category really disturbs me, actually prompting me to write this post actually. "Date by Disease" is for people who have contracted herpes and want to meet other singles facing the same consequences. matches up those with IBS and Crohn's disease ( members get discounts on bulk toilet paper at Costco, jk!). Finally, reaches out to many people who are suffering from cancer, diabetes, MS, epilepsy, HIV, etc. At least you know you're not alone...

Finally, is a place where foodies can meet online and set up a 7 course date soon afterwards, uniting food snobs to find something savory and sweet, just wait for desert!!!

(I first saw this in the January/February issue of Women's Health)


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Anita said...

What normal dating sites can you suggest, cause I don't get into those categories mentioned above.