Fashionably Earth-Friendly

Eco-bags have been around for awhile but are gaining in popularity every day. I remember when my mom first got me the signature Trader Joe's Bag, which I tried to remember to take with me every time I shopped, but unfortunately often left it stuck in the cupboard.

At Fashion Week, Amanda Hearst, Annie Churchill, and Alvin Valley launched their Eco-Tote line emblazoned with a big earth on the front. A portion of the proceeds goes towards "New Yorkers for a Green New York" to support The Stevenson Green Roof Project.

As one of last year's Fashion Fights Poverty lookbook spokespeople, I have been fascinated in my education of how many brilliant minds are engaged in the intersection of fashion and philanthropy. Utilizing awareness in the fashion world allows ideas to flourish- look at the large chain stores such as the Aids Tee at Gap, Zara's Eco-sustainable lines available in the EU and Top-Shops recycled Tees.

You can even customize your own reusable bag from Bags on the Run if you want something truly unique and chic!

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