The Rookery Grande Opening Re-cap

Bo Blair, the LNS acclaimed "King of Georgetown" has done it again... this time with perhaps an even finer sense of class. I remember first hearing of this new endeavor two years ago when I was supposed to host a New Year's Bash there with the Sullivans, Ryan Zimmerman, and Tom Snedeker. Let me be the first to say that I think the Rookery will prove to be worth the wait.

Arriving at his new hot spot, The Rookery on 25th and Pennsylvania, immediately I saw a signature Bo detail that brought a smile to my face... people being turned away. Now I love meeting new people and new faces were definitely far and few between at the opening, but I also love the fact that he is known for having a list and actually having the doormen enforce it. Quite reminiscent of the London members-only clubs I miss so much.

The interior was stunning without being spectacular, with University Blue walls and wood paneling on the two floors. Elegant but comfortable at the same time. Think Smith Point 2.0, for those less inclined to dance on tables but who still will be double fisting RBVs. Both bars were filled with beautiful, smiling people- the most important adornment to any night spot in D.C. Kudos to Bo, and best of luck...

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