The Game

So I have always considered myself to have more game than Milton Bradley- having always been "one of the guys" despite my more feminine attributes. I learned a lot from their smooth talking and antics, which found them success all over the globe.

And then I read " The Game".

Truth be told, an ex-boyfriend had been reading it before we broke up. I had heard about the pick-up artists' underground network, and when Barnes and Noble had it for sale in their bargain priced book section for $5.98, I picked it up. For less than the price of an RBV, I was going to be getting a night life education.

(Note: I am a book junkie. I only read non-fiction- mainly biographical books. I usually read an entire book in a sitting- going through 3-5 books a week. Inherited it from my mother.)

I have always considered my game to be in that I try to be "unattainable." I once blamed it on loving the movie Clueless (as awful as this sounds) because Cher considered herself too much of a catch to date anyone in High School. I make guys work for the prize- if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it, right?

Well "The Game" addressed the issue of girls like me exactly. Using Mystery Method, the book explained if you approach the girl (who is used to being fawned over with cheesy pick-up lines) in a non-threatening way, ignore and isolate the target while entertaining the rest of her entourage, she will crave your attention. Its true.

So this Valentine's Day arm yourself with pick-up armour. Its an entertaining book, and will make you feel really good that your life hasn't gone to waste like that of the characters in the novel.

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